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DrBrainRx NeuroMag

DrBrainRx NeuroMag

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DrBrainRX NeuroMag-Optimizes Magnesium Delivery to Body and Brain

Dietary intakes of magnesium are consistently below minimum recommended levels, and an insufficiency of magnesium is implicated in a wide range of concerns, including those that affect the brain.

Because many forms of magnesium have low bioavailability, DrBrainRX has carefully selected magnesium compounds backed by research and studies to formulate DrBrainRX NeuroMag.

Built upon the long-term clinical success of Magnesium Chelate, DrBrainRX NeuroMag features a unique combination of Magnesium Chelate’s highly absorbable, organic Albion minerals—di-magnesium malate and TRAACS® magnesium glycinate chelate—and Magtein®.

Magtein is a groundbreaking organic magnesium compound that was developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) researchers to support “brain power.”

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